About company

HENZL Engineering Ltd. specializes primarily in design, engineering, consulting and construction services in the field of evaporation cooling for power generation and other indiustries.

The company also offers other services in this field, especially:
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  • Elaboration of thermal computations of cooling plants
  • Elaboration of hydraulic computations of cooling circuits
  • Elaboration of complete designs of cooling circuits
  • Optimization and intensification of existing cooling circuits
  • Performance measurements of cooling towers and complete cooling circuits and their evaluation
  • Consulting services in the field of evaporation cooling
  • Modernization of cooling towers
  • Complex inspection and service of cooling towersChladicí věž typu Itterson výška 92m PPC V

For the purpose of desing of complete cooling circuits for power sources and chemical industry the Company has its own patent-protected constructional solution of cooling towers. Our company co-operates with specialized institutions of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and the Technical University, Prague.